Welcome to the Telecommunication Networks Group's Home Page. The information available from these pages aims at providing a thorough overview of the group's activity (i.e. published papers, ongoing research...).

Here you'll find some useful links for visitors, including directions and possible accomodations. For an informal description of the group (in italian) click here.

These pages are also meant to serve as a guide to local students wishing to include networking-related courses in their curricula, as well as a place to look for available theses on Telecommunication Networks topics (these pages only in Italian)

Foreign students interested in PhD within the Telecommunication Networks Group are invited to refer to the official web page of the PhD school of the Politecnico di Torino. Please, look at Research Doctorate in Electronics and Communication Engineering and Admission information.

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Trend Strongest ECOnet
Napa-Wine Efficient CARITAS
FEDERICA EuroNGI (NoE) Stamina (FET)

LIPAR   CERCOM   Wireless Sensor Network   Photon-LAB

Orgenized Conferences
QoS-IP 2008 Euro NGI
QoS-IP 2005 HPSR 2003 QoS-IP 2003 IPS 2002
ONDM 2002 - IPS 2001 LANMAN 2001 QoS-IP 2001
Italian Networking Workshop 2012 Italian Networking Workshop 2007

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